Why are most security companies selling low spec, outdated, low quality security systems at hugely overinflated prices when there’s so many superior products out there, which could be sold at far fairer prices?

Mike Drewery asked himself this question many a time, and finding no good reason, decided to smash the status quo into oblivion by forming Assure Home with his friend Dean Derbyshire. Assure Home are all about integrity: Best products, best prices, best customer service. We simply refuse to let you, the customer, walk away with anything but the best. And that also means honesty:-

– Cheap security isn’t good, and good security isn’t cheap: Good security is quality and we specialise in making quality affordable to everyone. You should always try to get the very best quality you can afford, and with Assure Home, we’re confident we can make your money go much further than you ever imagined. We can do this simply because we decided from the outset we’d take far less profit for ourselves from sales, instead choosing to pass the savings onto you, the customer. After all, it really is about you. Some said we were crazy to do this, but, it’s a decision we stood by and the key reason we are becoming so well regarded and most of our customers are from word of mouth!

– Not only do we work tirelessly to source the very best, most innovative and cutting edge security products from around the world, we also consult with electronics experts and fabricators to provide tailor made security solutions which you simply won’t find anywhere else. Have a unique security issue? Try us, we’ll be glad to help. We also don’t believe in selling you things you don’t need. If we think your current security is sufficient, we’ll tell you to keep your money in your pocket. Just ask us!

– No single security product does it all and there’s no such thing as 100% secure: The famous Hatton Garden heist ought to tell us this. However, street thieves and burglars (the ones who will target your property) are lazy and typically rely upon security lapses: Open windows, unlocked doors, etc. If they can’t find an easy way in, they’ll likely move on to the next home. Don’t let them succeed with your home! We are firm believers in getting the basics right: Good quality locks which are always used, a burglar alarm, and now they are cost-effective enough for domestic use, CCTV systems. Of course, there are many other security devices to further enhance your security and peace of mind such as window and door alarms, video door intercoms, silent arms which contact you by telephone when triggered, GPS systems which can be hidden in your valuables, etc.

All of our products come with a 3 year manufacturers warranty. Where else can you get this but Assure Home?

In 2018 we also look forward to working with various local authorities and working towards achieving  accreditations from various security associations.