Risco Agility 3 Wireless Burglar Alarm with Camera Sensor


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You can operate your home security system using the bi-directional keypad. Being bi-directional the keypad receives a reply status indication from the control panel for each command that it is sent to the panel. Enjoy full control of your security system from a single app, from any location as you go about your day. You can arm and disarm your system and receive real-time notification via sms, voice call and email in case of an event. The IP module that is required to execute this functionality is included in the kit. The wireless PIR Camera Detector is a battery powered PIR detector that includes an integrated camera for visual verification of your premises. If there is an alarm event, you will receive a real time notification with still images of your home, directly to your smartphone, so that you can decide if and how to react. The wireless door or window contact is a supervised transmitter ideal for wireless perimeter door/window protection that has a built-in magnetic contact and an additional reed switch for anti-sabotage detection. It is powered by a standard 3-volt lithium battery. Any attempt to defeat the detector using large magnets will cause a tamper condition. The kit comes with 1 Risco Agility 3 wireless door contact. The sounder with LED flashes is powered with its own batteries and communicates wirelessly with the control panel using 868MHz frequency band. Upon an alarm condition, the sounder will be activated for a pre-defined period of time. The maximum time that the sound will be activated is 5 minutes. Proximity tags can be used instead of passcode to set and unset your home security system. The tags need to be read by the keypad by showing them 1-2cm away from the keypad’s flap door. 2 proximity tags are included in the standard kit for easy access. Risco Agility 3 installed by Engineers at Smartech Security is Grade 2 Insurance approved British Standard intruder alarm system with integrated camera sensors. The system controls and monitors a variety of sensors, detectors, and contacts placed throughout the premises, which provide external, perimeter and internal burglary protection. The smartphone App enables you to control your home security system from any location and receive notifications regarding any status updates. The system is connected via telephone line and if the control panel detects trouble it will initiate a voice call to set telephone numbers, send you SMS and emails informing you of the security situation. This is in addition to the external siren, beeps from the control panel and indicator lights to alert the neighbors or people passing by. You can then take the appropriate action, whether this is to inform the authorities or acknowledge the event and remotely operate the system. You can verify if alarms are real or false by viewing real-time images captured by the integrated camera detectors from your smartphone app or web interface.


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